16 September,2014

A Spanish send off to Scotland


3AW’s Brekky hosts Ross and John were heading to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games – and the Robbie Burns Hotel was able to provide them with a fitting send off!

What better setting than within the Scottish décor of the Robbie Burns? With all that haggis and whiskey on the horizon, a delicious Spanish fiesta was very welcome!

On the morning of Thursday July 24 , the Breakfast Show was broadcast live from the Robbie in front of a lucky bunch of breakfasters, feasting on catalana (toasted bread with tomato and cured ham) Tortilla Espanola (Spanish omelette) and Churros con Chocolate (Spanish doughnuts with chocolate) in the Pyrenees room. Forty six guests were treated to the spread starting at 5:30 am! Nice way to start the day.

Ross and John were even fitted for kilts by the House of Scotland and everyone in attendance had a great time. You can find some photos and videos here.

As for what happened to the presenters after this breakfast affair, well, there most definitely was whiskey in their future, and even some coverage of the Commonwealth Games. Check out what Ross and John got up to here.