20 November,2020

Lucky Coq hatches a winner with an all-new Parma menu


It’s a clucking good time to fly into Chapel Street mainstay, Lucky Coq, with a brand new take-over menu dubbed ‘Clucky Coq’, set to get tailfeathers shaking from Friday 11 December, in an ode to a Melbourne culinary favourite; the humble parma.

Clucky Coq is the newest headquarters for your classic Parma and beer deal. With vegetarian and vegan options also available on the menu plus an array of different hotdogs, salads and snacks; Clucky hopes to invite some fresh and invigorating tastes and smells to the old stomping ground.

The ‘Parma vs. Parmi’ debate will most likely regain traction given the 11 varieties of Parma’s on the menu. From the ‘Dirty Pierre’ (panko-crumbed chicken breast, prosciutto, garlic butter and brie), to the ‘Haiti’s’ (panko-crumbed chicken breast chilli con carne, mozzarella, jalapeno, fresh chilli) or the ‘Eggplant Parma’ (Napoli sauce and mozzarella), we anticipate that every chook and cluck will be satisfied with our menu selection. What’s more, all Parma’s are served with the staple chips and salad, there will be no need to coq block your bank account, with the classic Parma just $12 and deluxe Parma’s only $15.

The consensus behind the vast array of Parma options was explained quite simply. In Lucky Coq Venue Manager Subodh Rajbhandari’s words “If we were going to hatch one, why not do it in style; transforming Lucky Coq into the ‘Cluck Coq Parma House’ and offering a whopping 11 Parma options.” And we couldn’t agree more, if you’re going to try something new why not go all out?

Don’t fret either, our happy hour will also return every Wednesday to Friday from 4 – 7 pm, including schooners, basic spirits and house wine for just $6.