21 July,2014

The Lamb, The Goat and The Shiraz at the Botanical


For many, the perfect winter food only needs the inclusion of two things: red meat & red wine. The team at the Botanical understands this well. And for those on the same page, The Lamb, the Goat & the Shiraz is an evening you won’t want to miss.

The Lamb and The Goat, those delicious sources of iron and zinc and vitamin B12 – are handled with class by the Botanical’s chefs. A set menu has been developed for the event that incorporates both traditional flavour combinations and modern touches. Check it out here.

The three cockle-warming dishes will be followed by sweet petit fours. Throughout, of course, there is the Shiraz – the best-paired partner for The Goat and The Lamb. We’re sure you’ve heard plenty about the health benefits of red wine – that bottled poetry – some of the latest includes studies that indicate it improves your balance, makes you live longer, and actually keeps the bed bugs away! The Botanical’s award-winning wine list includes a selection of the best Shiraz from our own turf and international locations, and will be available at special prices on the night.

The Lamb, The Goat and The Shiraz takes place on Saturday August 23rd  7:00 pm. Table bookings will be taken from 6:00 pm but best to book now to avoid disappointment. Indulging in this winter dining experience costs $69 per person (for the 3 course set menu and petit fours – beverages are extra).