30 June,2015

Eat burgers, win $1000


The burger craze that has been sweeping over Melbourne is just not letting up. Since the 2012 burger renaissance (hot on the heels of the food truck craze) the burger scene has exploded. Despite culinary fads, there is just no fighting the burger.

So, five pubs are giving in, and have found a way to reward burger devotees: Jackpot Burger!

From 1st July, Half Moon (Brighton), Skinny Dog Hotel (Kew), Botanical (South Melbourne), Penny Black (Brunswick) and Portsea Hotel (Mornington Peninsula) are counting the burgers that hit their grills, and awarding the person who orders the 1000th burger at each venue a cash prize of $1000!

It takes a significant amount of dedication to order the same thing time and time again, so it’s time to salute the staunch benefactors of the humble burger, and give them a bonified reason to continue to satisfy their cravings for the classic patty and bun combo.

The burger – a pub menu stalwart – offers a range of experiences. Portsea Hotel’s impressive Angus beef burger comes with aioli, American cheese and sea views, while the Botanical’s bar menu cheeseburger is the perfect ‘between drinks’ burger with a delicious pickle on the side.

The Penny Black even offers a veggie option, and the competition still applies to their $10 Burger Nights on Wednesdays. Half Moon and Skinny Dog Hotel have just introduced new burgers – a classic diner style burger with bacon sweet mustard and French fries graces the Bar Menu at Half Moon, while Skinny Dog offers the hard-to-miss Jackpot Burger!

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Good luck burger lovers!