18 January,2016

Colonial Brewing Co – The Official Beer of Beyond The Valley Festival 2015-16


Colonial Brewing Co is breathing new life into the Victorian craft beer landscape and bringing a fresh approach to the Victorian festival scene.

This year, Colonial Brewing Co has joined forces with the fine folks at Beyond The Valley and is proud to bring you the official beer of Victoria’s best New Years Eve festival.

We’ll be driving our Colonial Caravan all the way down to Lardner, Victoria to quench your insatiable festival thirst from the 29th of December right through into the New Year, alongside big booze players Somersby Cider and Vodka O.

We’ll be slinging cans of our ever-popular Colonial Draught as well as our punchy little Small Ale from our caravan and bars throughout the festival.

Josh Leeman, one of the beer connoisseurs at our brand new Victorian campus, is excited to bring some of his favourite tinnies to this well-loved festival.

“We all know that going to music festivals usually means being forced into drinking whatever mass-produced slop the big breweries have supplied. Seldom is there an opportunity to imbibe any type of craft beer or drink something you most likely haven’t seen or tried.

That is until Beyond The Valley 2015-16.

Colonial Brewing Co have partnered with the Beyond The Valley music festival to break with tradition and get delicious, local, hand-made craft beer into the hands of thousands of revellers this New Years Eve”.

Our friends at Lucky Coq and Bimbo Deluxe are also joining the party – bringing their own eclectic brand of fun to the festival food scene, serving up five of their most popular pizzas, and for a select few punters a famous $4 special.

Colonial BTV from Colonial Leisure Group on Vimeo.

See what all the fuss is about at http://www.beyondthevalley.com.au/ or check out our Facebook page.