06 March,2015



Colonial Draught cans have been flying out of the fridges in our venues in Victoria and WA, and have been especially popular during the ICC games. Not that it’s a beer only for sports fans and cricketers – in fact, as a small craft brewery, Colonial Brewing Co sometimes think their product fits in with creative types just as well and if not, better.

Here’s proof – the second kind of beer to come in cans from the brewery’s beloved recently purchased canning machine is Colonial Small Ale – a beer that is, despite its name, rather big in taste, and also responsibly delicious at 3.5%. It’s launching on Monday 9th March as part of the Emergence Festival in Margaret River.

The Emergence Creative Festival is a “four day sensory overload” in various locations in Margaret River. “Dubbed the ‘anti-conference’, Australia’s South West’s own idea’s fest is an influential celebration of creativity where ideas get off the ground.”

The brewery will be strewn with creative types all day on Monday as a Breakout Session for the festival is hosted at Colonial Marg’s, featuring an illustrative and imaginative design discussion and a drawing battle – named ‘Black Books Battle’ and promising that “Ink will spill”!

Colonial’s newest can launch ‘Canatonic’ is free to attend from 7pm , and the Small Ale can design features the Emergence Festival’s graphic branding and something you might never have heard of but will be glad you have now, a 360 degree lid. You will have to see to believe.

Read more about the nifty new cans (and the attempt to send one into space!) in Ross Lewis’ piece in the West Australian.